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Javantura is a community-driven Java conference in Croatia. It got its name by merging “Java” and “avantura” (“adventure” in Croatian). This is our 5th International Java Community Conference in Croatia, so we also like to call it Javantura v5.

We are proud to have one of the biggest Java community conferences in the region, built on a lot of enthusiasm created in HUJAK. Our intent this year is to gather the majority of Java community in Croatia and from the region, but we will also welcome a lot of visitors from all other countries.

Javantura v5 will be held on Saturday, February 17, 2018, in Zagreb, Croatia. EU. The exact location of the conference is Hotel Panorama, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 9, Zagreb, Croatia, EU (+385 1 3658 333, hotel@panorama-zagreb.com, mMAP). Parking is available at hotel parking (6 kn / h or in nearby parking – Zone II (yellow) 3 kn / h, max 3 h, for free after 15:00 on Saturday)

Are there any other Java conferences in Croatia?

Yes, there are! 🙂

Our first Javantura conference was in February 2014 in Zagreb, and there were 12 sessions (in Croatian) from 14 speakers and 150 participants.

Second Javantura v2 conference was in November 2014 in Zagreb, and there were 16 sessions from 23 speakers and 157 participants. There are pictures in the gallery as well as videos of all sessions available.

Third Javantura v3 conference was in February 2016 in Zagreb, and there were 23 sessions and 296 participants. There are pictures in the gallery as well as videos of all sessions available.

Fourth Javantura v4 conference was in February 2017 in Zagreb, and there were 27 sessions and more than 300 participants.

HUJAK has also co-organized other conferences including:

  • JavaCro’17 conference (in Rovinj, 300 participants, 50 sessions, 5 tracks, 4 halls, 2 days)
  • JavaCro’16 conference (in Rovinj, 260 participants from 11 countries, 56 sessions, 5 tracks, 4 halls, 2 days)
  • JavaCro’15 conference (in Rovinj, 200 participants from 11 countries, 46 sessions, 5 tracks, 3 halls, 2 days)
  • JavaCro’14 conference (in Poreč, 220 visitors from 11 countries, 50 sessions, 5 tracks, 2 halls, 2 days)
  • JavaCro’13 conference (in Tuhelj, 200 visitors, 50 sessions, 2.5 days, 3 tracks)
  • Java 2012 conference (in Tuhelj, 170 visitors, 34 sessions, 2 days, 3 tracks)

We have also supported and helped in the organization of various conferences, including HrOUG (20162013, 2012, and 2011),  DORS/CLUC, droidcon, Infobip Dev Days, QED by CROZ, Change by KING ICT, Webcamp Zagreb (2013 and 2012), Shift by Codeanywhere, JavaSi, and many others.

Who are the organizers of Javantura conference?

The main organizer is Hrvatska udruga Java korisnika – HUJAK (Croatian Java User Association), but we do it with the help from a lot of our friends and members. You can take a look at organization team at Contact page.

Who are the speakers?

Speakers will be announced in January 2018. In the meantime, take a look at the speakers from Javantura v4Javantura v3Javantura v2Javantura v1, JavaCro’16JavaCro’15, JavaCro’14JavaCro’13 and Java 2012.

How many visitors do you expect?

This year we expect approx. up to 400 participants and we anticipate that all seats will be taken. Take a look at pictures from our previous conferences to get the impression.

Do I need to register?

Registration is required and mandatory and tickets will be available for all participants (including speakers and organizers).

What is the conference fee?

Speakers do not have to pay the conference fee. However, in general, organizers will not compensate travel and accommodation costs for speakers.

For all members of HUJAK (all company members employees and all individual members with paid membership for 2017) there will be a special discount. If the conference budget will allow it, we will get some free tickets for our company members.

For all regular students we will have special discounts.

For all others there will be a standard conference fee.

And we also have early bird discount, so stay in touch.

We will publish conference fees and other info when we open the registration.

Before you decide to buy a standard conference fee ticket we strongly advise you to look at the benefits of membership in HUJAK.

When and how will tickets be available?

Registration will open and tickets will be available after the sessions and speakers are announced.

If you want to know instantly we publish it, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to (follow) this site.

What is in it for me?

If you are HUJAK member then you probably know the answer 🙂

Javantura conference is a younger sibling of our JavaCro conference. It is also a natural evolution of HUJAK’s meetups and gatherings. The main difference is that it is in Zagreb – the capital of Croatia, during a weekend (which should help students to attend) and with lower conference fees compared to the most of other Java conferences in the region.

If you are Java developer or working with Java technologies on a daily basis, this is probably the easiest (and cheapest) way to keep informed about the latest Java news and get in touch with your colleagues, as well as share experiences and opinions in the cozy social meetup way. Of course, if you see the benefits we invite you also to become a member of HUJAK.

Even if you are not a developer, this may be the easiest way to find out what is happening in and around the world of Java – what and how are your partners, suppliers and vendors doing (maybe even the competition), and what technologies are worth to investigate further or introduce in your IT projects and business. And you may discover why is Java the most popular programming language worldwide 🙂

Is there a conference program or schedule?

The conference program, as well as the schedule, will be published later, but we expect that the regular conference schedule will start around 9 am and it should last until 6 pm.

What is the exact location of the conference?

The exact conference center location will be announced later.

How can you help us?


If you think there is something interesting that you want to share with the rest of the community, please submit a talk or workshop proposal to Javantura conference as one of our potential speakers. Anyone with a quality session can become a speaker, and we don’t limit that to some closed group of people (e.g. our members, experienced speakers or regional speakers only). However, we definitely expect to see the most of the well-known speakers from our previous conferences and gatherings, but we also encourage and invite everyone to become a speaker. Even if you never gave a presentation on a conference, if you have a quality session you could be accepted. Sometimes it is easier to speak in front of your own community (colleagues and friends) before you try something like JavaOne or Devoxx.


Since Javantura is organized as a community-driven event and there isn’t a lot of us in the organization team, we need your help, mostly in on-site activities at the conference, and maybe some in the week before. If you are willing to help us as a volunteer, this may be your chance to participate and give something to the community, as well as to do some quality in person networking and directly meet and talk to other people from the industry. If you’re motivated to join us in organizing and logistics please send us an email.


If you have a successful business, interesting product or innovative service that you want to introduce to a wider public, we suggest you that you become a sponsor. In this way, besides helping us to cover the costs of the conference, you will have an opportunity to additionally get extra media exposure of your company, product and/or service, as well as to present your needs to potential partners, clients or future employees. There will be more about sponsorship on Call for sponsor page in a few weeks.

At the end …

This is a community conference, so you are doing it together with us. The conference is all about YOU – whether you are speaker, visitors, sponsor, volunteer or anyone else interested in Java. So, once again, we welcome you to Javantura and let the adventure (“avantura” in Croatian) begin …

See you all at Javantura!

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